Tuesday, January 6, 2009

    New Years with Taryn dancing the night away
Me emptying the Dishwasher for the last time at home.
      Mine and Taryns Shopping spree
Me and Mat My Favorite Cousin 
Me and my Mom
 Well I just have to say the Holidays were amazing this year!! Christmas Eve my family had the Missionaries over for dinner and a lesson. It was so much fun!! We ate lots of yummy food!! After they left we watched lots of movie's. Once the boys were in bed, I stayed up to help my mom be santa:)  Christmas morning Ryan woke me up to help with his paper route, then we opened presents. I got everything I needed and more. Ryan much to his surprise found out I was moving and would be getting his own room. Once he knew he told me to get out now. ha ha. The rest the day we spent at Dani and Rogers. It was a blast we watched probably 7 movies!  I really just enjoyed being with my family! On my birthday I woke up and packed all my stuff up and we moved it all out to my new house!! LOVE IT. I have been there a week now and it is just so fun. I really just enjoy doing what I want when I want. No offense to my mother. Any way school has just started up this week I am taking Spanish 1010 Math 955 and Criminal Law. With a total of 14 Credit hours. Its going to be crazy fun keeping up with all my homework! I am excited to take the challenge though!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

December Fun!

I bought this coat for 5 dollars at the D.I.. ha ha. Everyone thinks its ugly. I think it rocks at life which is why I had to put a picture of it on here for all to see!!! 
These are the Gingerbread houses we made, it was a competition my team totally won!!! 

This is the lovely Orange Scarf Taryn got me:) 

           Taryn and I got in a frosting fight at our Party:) 

These are my Explorers:) 
With this season I have been to many Christmas Parties, One being with the Explorers it was a lot of fun! We went bowling and ate pizza and did a White Elephant Exchange. I had a ward Christmas Party and a work party. Also since Taryn and I have birthdays so close together we had a party together! We had a ton  of people show up it was sweet!!  

Movin on!!

Well a lot has transpired in the last month. It's crazy how time flies. I decided about a week after Thanksgiving that I was going to take a big step and move out. I am moving in with a good friend from My Explorer Program. The house is paid off, so were just splitting the rent!! What a deal. The only sort of down fall is that its in Hooper. It's beautiful out there though I will love it. I will officially be staying there on December 27 which so happens to be my birthday! LUCKY ME! My mother is surly going to miss me. My brother Ryan on the other hand is super excited, since he gets my room. Any way I am super excited. 

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Well the last few weeks have been a adventure. My Family and I decided to go to Arizona
for Thanksgiving to spend some time with my fathers parents. We had a great time! On Thanks
giving Day we spent our time eating a ton a food and relaxing. We also stuck in some old family
video's from when i was a little baby. I found out that i didn't like wearing clothes ha ha just running
around naked. Great times. I am also surprised that I am not a Professional Baseball Player by now,
I had a great arm when I was little. Friday was when us girls and guys split up. The guys went shooting
and us girls went black friday shopping. It was a great time. I got some great deals. We also went to see
We drove home Saturday, when we got home I went with some friends to Salt Lake City. We rode the
Front Runner down, we had dinner and went to Temple Square. We were having a great time till we went to
the train station and discovered that the last train had left already. So we were stranded in Salt Lake!! Instead
of freaking out. I looked at it as a new adventure. I ended up calling Taryn and she came from Ogden
and picked us up. Great times.
Also recently Taryn moved out! Its been bitter sweet. I don't have someone hooked at my hip all the time.
But we still continue to have great times. I might be moving out here soon. I just haven't decided yet. Its a big decision

Friday, November 14, 2008

     For Halloween me and Taryn dressed up I was a rocker chick with awesome hair!! Taryn was a cat since she acts like one all the time. We had a great time dancing about that night!

Me and Taryn made a point to go to most of the Football Games at Weber this year! We have won all of our games but two!! Which is great!! This picture was taken at our Homecoming Game. College is GREAT!

Something New!

This is a whole new thing to me, I just thought it'd be fun to write my life down kind of like a journal but on the internet ha ha. 
As of right now I am  going to College at Weber State University, I am Majoring in Criminal Justice. I am trying to finish off my generals so I can get into the fun stuff. I have about 3 weeks left in this semester thank goodness!! I also work with awesome little kids at the YMCA After school Programs. It has great hours and pay. I love the people I work with and its perfect for me. I recently started going to a Singles Ward, my mom had a hard time letting go but she got over it. I have made a lot of friends there and I have a great time there. I am also in the Explorer Program at the Weber County Sheriffs Office. It's perfect for me and so much fun. I am learning and getting experience in my field before it even starts. 
I am loving life as of right now. I just got the news that my friend Taryn is moving out of my families home. Then soon I will be moving out. I am really embracing the College life. Its great!!!!